Tempur-Pedic Mattress - HOW IT ALL STARTED

"• Viscoelastic memory foam was originally developed in the early 1970's at NASA's Ames Research Center to relieve astronauts of the incredible G-forces experienced during lift-off.

• Tempur World began experiments in Sweden to perfect the NASA formula for consumer use in the early 1980s.




• After nearly a decade and millions of research dollars, our Swedish scientists introduced our perfected version - TEMPURpressure-relieving material.

• The revolutionary TEMPURmaterial has a higher density, is much more durable, and is more responsive to temperature and weight.

• The cells shift position and reorganize to conform to your body contours, relieving pressure by evenly distributing your body weight over the entire surface area.

• The viscoelastic characteristic of TEMPUR pressurerelieving material allows it to return to its original shape after being forced to change under the pressure exerted by your body.

• As the material molds to your shape, your body becomes supported in an anatomically correct position...with your neck and spine in perfect alignment.

• Every mattress, pillow and comfort product available from Tempur-Pedic is made of the same revolutionary TEMPUR pressure-relieving material.

• TempurPedic Mattresses are now recommended by over 25,000 medical professionals worldwide.

• Our "success story" has resulted in features on: Dateline NBC, CNN's Business Unusual, NBC's Today Show, the Rosie O'Donnell Show and inclusion of the Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress TM in the highly publicized "Gift Baskets" for the Academy Awards, American Music Awards and the Country Music Awards."



Products & Services:

We carry these fine brands:
  • All size mattresses
  • Iron beds
  • Sleigh beds
  • Day beds
  • Futons
  • Roll a ways
  • Adjustable Beds
  • Air beds
  • Frames and rails
  • Custom mattresses available
  • Memory Foam / Latex
  • Eco Friendly Bamboo
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